3 Little-Known Ways to Recycle Content

You know that repurposing your content lets you squeeze more value out of your existing content assets—and that even in the best of times, recycling content is a budget-friendly way to reach more prospects.

But what few marketing pros know is that repurposing your content goes beyond chunking down a long piece of content into a handful of shorter ones. Here are three content recycling tips that let you pretend you’re a penny-pinching grandma and your content is a chicken that’s already been used for sandwiches, soup, and pot pie.

1. Go big-small-big

A lot of content professionals think about combining smaller pieces of content into e-books, and chunking down longer content into shorter social media posts—but this tip on how to recycle content is about taking one small aspect of a longer piece of content and then blowing that up into another full-sized piece.

For example, say you have a blog article that rounds up the top technologies in your industry. With this content repurposing strategy, you’d blow up each of the sections of the post into a complete piece of content you can then post individually, turn into e-book chapters, and so on. As another example, you might grab the sidebar from an existing white paper and build an entire article around that topic.

2. Use the unusable

The tip above came from an email I sent to a journalist who was looking for expert advice on the topic. She ended up not using the quote, but it’s still a good and valid piece of information so I’m sharing it here.

How many pieces of content do you have that just didn’t make it to prime time for whatever reason? Do you have a press release that was never picked up, a blog post that was obscured by breaking news, or a white paper you created but was then tabled when your brand’s priorities changed? Mine these for bits you can use in social media, email newsletters, and so on.

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3. Think beyond straight copy

A print article becomes a blog post. A podcast becomes a thought-leadership article. A thought-leadership article becomes a series of social posts.

These are great examples of how to recycle content, but…well, you probably already do all this already.

To get even more value, consider repurposing your content into infographics, videos, checklists, or quizzes so you can reach more people in ways that resonate with their preferences. 

For more on the quiz idea, check out this article from SurveyAnyplace: 15 Marketers Share How Quizzes Have Helped Their Content Marketing Efforts. I’m one of the marketers quoted in the article, so you’ll learn the B2B-friendly quiz strategies I gleaned from writing for women’s magazines.

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