30 Creative Alternatives to the Word “Unprecedented”

I’ve now received emails from every brand I’ve interacted with over the past 20 years, telling me how very much they care about me in these “unprecedented” times.

scatter chart of 30 alternatives to the word unprecedented for COVID-19 communicationsIf they’re smart, your prospects are going to start filtering on that word soon. So here are some creative alternatives in a downloadable scatter chart…we selected words that will fit every brand, from irreverent to buttoned-up. (Click to zoom in on image.)

Get the full-size PDF version here—no form, just click and download. Please do share this infographic, to spare us from experiencing an unprecedented number of cliché marketing messages!

Download 30 Creative Alternatives to “Unprecedented”

The words:

  1. 12 Monkeys-like
  2. a bitch
  3. bananas
  4. bizarro
  5. challenging
  6. complicated
  7. cray
  8. crazy
  9. disturbing
  10. effed up
  11. hot mess
  12. interesting
  13. jacked up
  14. mad world
  15. Nintendo hard
  16. rough
  17. screwed up
  18. singular
  19. strange
  20. stressful
  21. taxing
  22. troubled
  23. trying
  24. turbulent
  25. uncommon
  26. unheard-of
  27. unimaginable
  28. unusual
  29. weird
  30. whack

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