INFOGRAPHIC: 8 B2B Content Ideas to Steal from Women’s Magazines

B2B decision makers are bored.

Don’t get mad at us—that statement comes from a survey of B2B buyers, where 82% said they wish B2B content had the creativity associated with B2C. And during challenging times, this craving for a can’t-put-it-down read ramps up even higher.

Hero’s Journey Content’s founder, Linda Formichelli, started out writing for the women’s magazines (think: Redbook, Woman’s Day, Family Circle), where the content is fresh, readable, and fun—even on topics as dry as budgeting and nutrition.

That’s why we created this infographic on how to steal ideas from the women’s mags to boost your creativity and generate B2B content ideas that take your content from ZZZ to OMG!



But wait, there’s more! In the FULL REPORT, we dissected one of Linda’s articles for Women’s Health magazine to show how you can incorporate these same principles into your B2B content ideas. Each of the numbers on the article corresponds to an explanation of that element on the following pages.

Your readers are relying on you to save them from B2B boredom—and to inspire them to action. This report reveals how to do it.


Ready to bring some B2C excitement to your B2B content?

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