15 Key Questions to Ask in a Case Study Interview

Got a case study on your to-do list? To create a case study that converts, it’s crucial that you ask your customer the right questions—otherwise you’ll end up with 1,000 words of sales talk and unconvincing fluff. (“Company X is great! Rah rah rah!”)

My team of content marketing writers and I recently created a compelling case study that earned our client a lot of kudos, and we pulled together a list of the interview questions we routinely ask to create tension-filled, reader-grabbing case studies like that one. (Want a free PDF copy of this list? Download it here…no form to fill out, just click and grab!)

For clarity’s sake, let’s call your company Best Co., and your client will be Client, Inc.

  1. How’s the weather where you are? (Not kidding! This is a great ice-breaker to get your client loosened up and talking.)
  2. Let’s get some details about Client, Inc.: What year did the company start? Where are you headquartered? How many locations do you have?
  3. What’s unique about Client, Inc.?
  4. What are the demographics of Client, Inc.’s target market? (This helps the reader extrapolate the details to their own market.)
  5. How and when did you decide you needed Best Co.’s product/service? (Get details on the pain point that prompted them to buy from you.)
  6. How many options did you look at, and why did you choose Best Co. in the end? (This question inspires the client to talk about the downsides to buying from your competition—and the upsides to buying from you!)
  7. When did the project start, and how long did it take from start to finish?
  8. Describe the process of working with/buying from Best Co., from beginning to end. (Be sure to get dates on key milestones.)
  9. What challenges did you run into during the process, and how did you overcome them? (Let’s get real…no one wants to read a case study full of rah-rah fluff. Readers need drama!)
  10. What was the most surprising or interesting thing that happened during the process? (More drama!)
  11. What was the biggest thing you learned?
  12. What did you think when you first experienced the [product/service/result]?
  13. What have been the results so far? (Be sure to get numbers: Lift in sales, number of positive customer comments, number of social shares, etc.)
  14. What would you say to other businesses that are contemplating a similar project/purchase?
  15. May we call or email you if more questions come up as we write this? (Because they will!)

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Header image by Arek Socha from Pixabay.