How to Develop the Best Content Ideas for Your Content Calendar

It’s almost 2021 (or maybe it already is 2021) and you need a content calendar fast. After all, a content calendar can get you more buy-in and support, save you time and money—and of course, it can help you develop better content for your brand. When I create content calendars for clients, I use this…

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How Much Does a Content Writer Cost?

If you’re looking to hire a content writer, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost and whether it will be worth it to hire a freelancer rather than doing the work yourself. Content writers may say they can’t tell you what they charge without knowing the details of your project, because they need to…

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INFOGRAPHIC: 8 B2B Content Ideas to Steal from Women’s Magazines

B2B decision makers are bored. Don’t get mad at us—that statement comes from a survey of B2B buyers, where 82% said they wish B2B content had the creativity associated with B2C. And during challenging times, this craving for a can’t-put-it-down read ramps up even higher. Hero’s Journey Content’s founder, Linda Formichelli, started out writing for…

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How to Find the Best Content Writers (And Stop Getting Burned)

Late work? Hours of rewrites? Writers who just don’t deliver? We understand your challenges. Here’s how to find a good content writer who will blast you toward your content goals—instead of holding you back. Our 6 expert-approved tips for hiring a content writer are below, and we’ve also compiled them into an infographic you can…

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INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Ways to Justify Your Content Budget During COVID-19

You know that trashing your content plan is a bad idea—but your boss or your clients may not. If you’re looking for ways to justify your content budget and programs during the coronavirus crisis, here are eight ideas you can share. These are direct downloads; there’s no form to fill out.

The Best Email Sign-Offs During Covid-19 (& the Worst)

I usually sign off my marketing emails with “Cheers,” but that suddenly seems mildly inappropriate given the coronavirus situation. So how do you sign off your marketing emails in a way that fits your brand—but still shows that you’re aware of what’s going on out there for your customers? Here’s a chart with 30+ options…

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30 Creative Alternatives to the Word “Unprecedented”

I’ve now received emails from every brand I’ve interacted with over the past 20 years, telling me how very much they care about me in these “unprecedented” times. If they’re smart, your prospects are going to start filtering on that word soon. So here are some creative alternatives in a downloadable scatter chart…we selected words…

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The Quick-Start Content Guide for Field Service Businesses

You’re a plumbing, pest control or other field service company. Or maybe you’re a business that provides software and supplies to companies like these. You’ve heard that providing helpful content is one of the best ways to attract prospects, nurture customers, and build loyalty. And it’s true: Content marketing gets three times more leads per…

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Beyond the Content Idea: 6 Real Elements of Content That Converts

Good content marketing writers know that there’s more to captivating an audience than coming up with a killer content topic. Anyone can come up with an idea, but it’s what you do with that idea once you have it that makes all the difference. Ready to earn more attention with your content? These elements have…

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Top Content Marketing Terms—Explained

If you want to get the most out of your content, you need to know your KPIs from your CTAs. FUNNEL You cram a lot of people into the top of the funnel, and only a few come out the bottom to become customers. Somehow this is considered a good thing. CUSTOMER JOURNEY A romanticization…

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