Content Strategy

5 Big Reasons You Should Train Your Content Team

Wondering if you could train your content team? The answer is yes. Here’s why. 5 Reasons to Train Your Content Team These are the top ways you’ll benefit when you train your team in content best practices, journalism techniques, brand style, and more: You stay up to date with best practices. You create more authoritative…

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How to Develop the Best Content Ideas for Your Content Calendar

It’s almost 2021 (or maybe it already is 2021) and you need a content calendar fast. After all, a content calendar can get you more buy-in and support, save you time and money—and of course, it can help you develop better content for your brand. When I create content calendars for clients, I use this…

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5 Reasons You Need a Content Calendar for 2021

Our survey of 69 content and marketing execs shows that you are a busy bunch of bootstrappers. Too busy, in fact, to develop a content calendar for 2021. “Why use a content calendar? My boss just wants content,” you say. “They don’t care about some fancy-schmancy calendar.” Your boss may not want a content calendar…

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INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Ways to Justify Your Content Budget During COVID-19

You know that trashing your content plan is a bad idea—but your boss or your clients may not. If you’re looking for ways to justify your content budget and programs during the coronavirus crisis, here are eight ideas you can share. These are direct downloads; there’s no form to fill out.

The Best Email Sign-Offs During Covid-19 (& the Worst)

I usually sign off my marketing emails with “Cheers,” but that suddenly seems mildly inappropriate given the coronavirus situation. So how do you sign off your marketing emails in a way that fits your brand—but still shows that you’re aware of what’s going on out there for your customers? Here’s a chart with 30+ options…

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3 Little-Known Ways to Repurpose Content

You know that repurposing your content lets you squeeze more value out of your existing content assets—and that even in the best of times, recycling content is a budget-friendly way to reach more prospects. But what few marketing pros know is that there are more ways to repurpose content beyond chunking down a long piece…

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With These Content Metrics, Less Can Be More

In content marketing writing, we’re always wanting more, more, more. More content. More clicks. More engagement. More subscribers. But trying to max out on every content metric can hurt your business. Self magazine cut the amount of content it publishes on its website in half, starting with eliminating “social news writing aimed solely at generating…

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Should You Curate Content on Social Media?

You’ve probably read that you should curate interesting content from others on social instead of having all your posts be about “me, me, me.” Well, I’m not one to believe everything I hear online—especially since there are so many self-styled “content gurus” out there who don’t know what they’re talking about—so I tested this advice…

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A Journalist’s Secrets for Getting More Press Coverage

Is your brand not landing the kind of coverage you’d like? It could be because you’re not looking at your PR pitches through a journalist’s eyes. Sign up for HARO, then check out these tips from a content marketing writer who’s been on both sides of the table.