Top Content Marketing Terms—Explained

If you want to get the most out of your content, you need to know your KPIs from your CTAs.


You cram a lot of people into the top of the funnel, and only a few come out the bottom to become customers. Somehow this is considered a good thing.


A romanticization of the process whereby someone learns about your product or service and buys from you. Thinking of it as an incredible journey for the customer makes content marketers feel better about their lives.


In content marketing writing, someone who cannot melt back into the forest, who does not carry throwing stars, and who is not versed in espionage, deception, or surprise attacks. However, they can drop a pun into a headline and be gone before anyone even knew they were there. (See also: rock star, guru)


It’s a simple equation: You create content that helps people learn to separate an egg yolk from the white using only a bottle—that’s the value—and the favor will boomerang back to you in the form of cash. As content marketers like to say when they think no one is listening, “Quid pro quo, mofo.”

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Content Glossary


Rounding up and sharing content you didn’t create to provide value for people who don’t care. (See also: value, tribe) It is not necessary to view the content yourself before sharing, since no one else will look at it anyway; however, they will comment on your share to prove their own value. Everyone wins!


A metric that proves your content is worth something even if it doesn’t bring in actual money. (See also: engagement, traffic)


A term for the act of reading, watching, or listening to content that makes people feel more like animals around a trough than valued and respected human beings. An oddly tone-deaf term for an industry based around communication.


A group of people with similar interests wandering aimlessly around the internet, wishing you were there to lead them, provide them with value, and tell them what to buy.


Authenticity is showing your tribe the real you behind the brand. Except that if you’re trying to be authentic, then you’re automatically not authentic. So just do whatever you want, no one really cares.


Showing your tribe you’re worth following by laying your immense wisdom on them. Consists mostly of penning rambling articles where every single sentence is written on its own line.


When people read your content, they get to the end and get all confused: “What does the writer want me to do next?” The CTA saves them from this dilemma by helpfully directing them to your website, a free download, or a phone call with your sales team.


Industry insiders who are known to throw themselves from bridges when someone emails, “I included you in my roundup of the top 150 lifestyle bloggers. Please share!” Except when we do it. That’s different.

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