Bay to Breakers Race Landing Page

Running on Weird

What They Wanted – Capstone Events asked us to “bring out the weird” in the landing page for this historic event to help boost flagging participation numbers.

What We Did – Wrapped the facts about the race, its history, and the course in a treatment that shows off the, er, unique personality of San Francisco.

Why It Worked – The content piques interest with a little mystery (Watch out for the bison!), conveys a sense of fun, and recaps the history of the iconic neighborhoods to rekindle San Franciscans’ pride in their city.

See the Weird (PDF)

The Commusoft Business Blog

What You Don’t Know About Tool Theft—And Ten Tips to Decrease Your Risk

What They Wanted – To generate marketing qualified leads for their field service management software.

What We Did – Developed ideas (like this one) that were story-driven, news-based, and actionable. In this post, we included a quiz that let participants automatically share their score on social media, and a downloadable checklist.

Why It Worked – Even plumbers and HVAC contractors want B2B content with a B2C feel—instead of dry, boring specs and stats. We helped the company triple their organic search traffic in one year.

Steal a Peek (PDF)


Does That Tic Mean Trouble?

What They Wanted – A feature article helping parents know if their kid’s twitching, twirling, and eye-blinking is a sign of something more serious.

What We Did – We led in with a real story from a mom whose child suffered from tics, then launched into advice from experts on how to tell the difference between transient tics and Tourette’s. We ended with several pull quotes with real-life advice from moms.

Why It Worked – People don’t want to wade through two pages of expert pontification—they also want to learn from others who have personally been through what they’re dealing with. The real-life story adds relevance and drama, and the quotes offer tips that have been tested IRL.

Dive In (PDF)

Analyst Says Whole Foods Competitors Are ‘Screwed’ After Amazon Deal

What They Wanted – Articles for the retail industry with up-to-the-minute news and advice. A main goal: To attract clicks.

What We Did – Jumped on the news about Amazon buying Whole Foods, nailed down interviews with retail sources, and crafted an article with a controversial headline and expert insights—in just two days.

Why It Worked – We sleuthed out a source who wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and he let us quote him in the headline. This article nabbed over 80,000 visits in less than two days.

Snack On This (PDF)

BRAND United

How a Brand Experience Unfolds for Northern Monk Brewery’s Audience

What They Wanted – Case studies highlighting printing technology companies.

What We Did – Used our interviewing skills to dig into the deep desires of the brewery’s Millennial audience; the Northern UK’s art scene; and the benefits and challenges of a new, experiential type of beer label.

Why It Worked – Let’s get real…no one wants to read a case study full of rah-rah fluff, so it’s key to focus on the fails as much as the wins. That’s why we played up the challenges of running a brewery in a highly competitive environment, and of creating a label with enough room to tell the brewery’s story.

Drink Up (PDF)


Advertorial for People Magazine

What They Wanted – An advertorial that would grab readers’ attention and illustrate the value of OnStar’s emergency services.

What We Did – We put our interviewing skills into play to draw out the harrowing details of this dramatic story, and jumped into the middle of the action to amp up the intrigue.

Why It Worked – Readers are drawn to real stories of real people. The pull quote and lead paragraph make it pretty much impossible not to read on.

Feel the Drama (PDF)

Fortune Small Business Magazine

Lethally Blonde

What They Wanted – Articles about entrepreneurs with unusual hobbies.

What We Did – We located an entrepreneur who sold rings by day, and fought in them at night. Linda traveled to New York to interview the entrepreneur in person and participate in a cage fighting class with her. She used a narrative style to weave the source’s entrepreneurial journey into the description of the class.

Why It Worked – Locating the perfect source is crucial…and who would not be interested in a petite, pretty entrepreneur whose hobby is fighting hulking bruisers? The lead piques interest when we discover Laura has a black eye hidden under her makeup.

Note: Sadly, the magazine went under a month before this was to run…but we love to use it as a sample because you can see the quality of our content before our clients and editors do their magic on it!

Get in the Ring (PDF)


The Imagination Guide to B2B Social Journalism

What They Wanted – A smart white paper for CXOs that solidified the company’s thought leadership in content marketing.

What We Did – As part of the white paper team, we helped develop the journo-inspired “5 W’s and an H” format, interviewed experts, wrote in a style that combined personality with authority, and developed pull quotes and sidebars.

Why It Worked – A “chunky” format with sidebars, boxes, and pull quotes allows readers to dip into the white paper at any point and come out with a valuable piece of information. The just-fun-enough style reflects the social media topic while keeping readers’ interest high.

Get the Scoop (PDF)