We’ll start with the basics that go into a clear and compelling messaging platform:

  • AUDIENCE AVATARS for your markets, including their top priorities or needs relevant to your project (COVID communications, product launch, etc.).
  • POSITIONING STATEMENT/VALUE PROPOSITION: A short statement that explains what you deliver, who you serve, what makes you different, and the meaningful impact you have on your clients.
  • COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS to discover how your rivals are handling their messaging—so we can ensure your messaging is a true differentiator for your brand.

Then we’ll wrap all of the above into your key messaging, which will include:

  • MESSAGING OPTIONS, in the form of taglines. You review these and we’ll whittle them down to one perfect tagline for your product, launch, etc.
  • UNIQUE HASHTAGS relevant to the messaging that you can use on social media.
  • SEO KEYWORD ANALYSIS and keyword recommendations to make sure your messaging gets heard.
  • COPY BLOCKS: To make putting together your marketing collateral easier, we’ll provide 25-, 50-, and 100-word copy chunks relevant to the messaging that can be copied/pasted into marketing assets and then edited from there. (Think of it as a swipe file of sorts.)
  • STRATEGIC IDEAS for how to implement the messaging in the various types of content assets you’re creating—social media, blog posts, white papers, etc.—as well as copy assets like print ads and signage.

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