On-Point Planning

Planning is an important part of the content process…because if you don’t get this piece right, you risk spending a lot of money creating and publishing content that’s ineffective. This step is an upstream process that ensures all your downstream activities are right on target.

Your content plan includes: 

  • CLIENT AVATARS, including their top priorities or needs.
  • A POSITIONING STATEMENT/VALUE PROPOSITION: A short statement that explains what you deliver, who you serve, what makes you different, and the meaningful impact you have on your clients.
  • A CONTENT AUDIT: We’ll examine your current content on the web and in social media to determine what might be repurposed, improved, or promoted.
  • A COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS of your top competitors’ content.
  • A CONTENT ROADMAP that includes 1) Recommendations for content campaigns; 2) Research on guest post/column/paid placement opportunities; 3) Ideas for content distribution and promotion; 4) A two-month, campaign-based content calendar; 5) Recommendations for social media hashtags, SEO keywords, and other details that can help get your content seen.
  • A FOLLOW-UP CALL to walk you and your team through the roadmap and answer your questions.

Once your content plan is complete, you’ll receive it in PDF, Powerpoint, and Google Slides formats—so you can share or present the results.

Ready to start off on your journey to effective content? Reach out for more details or to schedule a call.