Training customized to your team!

We’ll examine some of the content your team has already developed to suss out opportunities for improvement. You can choose from the following training topics for a 4- 8-week training, have us custom-build new topics for you, or a combination of both—to make sure the training fits your needs perfectly. (One-day workshops coming soon!)

  • How to build authority in your content.
  • How to develop content ideas that are relevant yet fresh, surprising, and unique.
  • The basics of journalism—and how they can be used to create timely and trustworthy content.
  • The art of constructing a content campaign.
  • The secrets of compelling case studies—from interviewing to writing.
  • How to write in your client’s brand voice.
  • The art of the interview: How to develop questions and conduct interviews with executive clients that will yield unique insights and ideas.
  • Overcoming fear and procrastination in your writing.
  • The key elements of content many writers ignore: Nitty gritty details on cadence, tone, quote construction, attributions, and more.
  • The 7 secrets to landing pages that work.
  • The 7 secrets to email campaigns that work.

Each live, hour-long webinar will include:

  • A slideshow to enhance and reinforce learning.
  • Live training on the agreed-upon topic.
  • In-class challenges that let your team put the key takeaways into practice right away.
  • An interactive segment at the end of each session where we’ll answer questions and provide feedback and insights.
  • Supplementary materials for each session such as checklists, worksheets, or one of my books (if it’s relevant to the topic).
  • A transcript and recording of each session.

The Takeaway

At the end of the sessions, you’ll have a package of recordings, worksheets/checklists/etc., and transcripts you can use to train new team members. This valuable asset can serve you for years.

Your team members will come away with the same package—and will gain the skills to create even more engaging and effective content.

As a long-time writing teacher and coach, and co-founder of Useful Writing Courses, Linda—along with her team—develops trainings that are useful, practical, thought-provoking, and engaging.

Ready to get schooled? Contact us for more details or to schedule a call.