How to Find the Best Content Writers (And Stop Getting Burned)

How to find the best content writerLate work? Hours of rewrites? Writers who just don’t deliver? We understand your challenges. Here’s how to find a good content writer who will blast you toward your content goals—instead of holding you back.

Our 6 expert-approved tips for hiring a content writer are below, and we’ve also compiled them into an infographic you can download and share. There’s no form to complete—just click the format you prefer.



1. Analyze Their Site

No, it’s not picky to judge a content writer by their website. If their own site is full of typos, poor organization, limp prose, and puns on the word “write”—what do you expect you will get?

2. Don’t Rely On Samples

Some writers’ samples are actually the work of talented editors who spent hours rewriting, fact checking, and polishing. So ask the writer to send you their original drafts along with published clips.

3. Ask For Doubles

Writers will typically send you one sample from each client. But you want a writer whose clients hire them over and over again—so request that they show you multiple samples from at least one client.

4. Make The Right Call

Ask the writer to send you the contact info for at least two recent clients—then actually call or email them to get the real scoop on the writer’s strengths and weaknesses.

5. Listen For Flags

To find a good content writer, have a call with them and listen carefully. Red flag phrases: “So what do you do?” • “I charge by the hour” • “I can bang this out for you” • “I guarantee results” • “I became a writer because I hated my last job.”

6. Hold The Applause

Anyone can impress with a slick proposal. Before jumping straight into a big job or retainer contract, try out the content writer on a test project—for example, a 1,000 word article instead of a 20-page white paper.

Even the best writers can’t boost your brand if you don’t have a plan. We’ve helped businesses like Qualtrics, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Crisp, and 4C Recruiting set their content up for success through our content strategy and team training services.