I’ve hired Linda for some of the most ambitious, scary-smarts-needed writing assignments that would have sent most freelancers running for the exits. Not only did she nail them, thoroughly, but to each she brought what I’ve come to learn are Linda’s signature traits: curiosity, enthusiasm, street smarts, wit and creativity. She went beyond the expected, reporting and delivering extra sidebars, case studies and other packaging elements to nudge her work to the next level of inviting and smart. Linda’s that rare thing: a true talent and a dream to work with. Bonus: If you seek a writer who knows the ins and outs of content marketing and brings a fresh take to the complexities of our industry, don’t think about it twice. Hire Linda.

Kim Caviness

I have worked with Linda in an editor/freelance writer relationship for over 11 years on a variety of projects for NAPCO Media, and she is always a joy to work with. I know I can depend on her for almost any project I may have; she is an excellent writer and storyteller; and she is always open to my edits and revision requests, when I have them. Her dependability and flexibility are just a couple of the many valuable assets she brings to us, not to forget her excellent communication skills…she always keeps me in the loop when working on a project, which makes life easier for me. Do yourself a favor and consider her for your next project!

Melissa Ward
Managing Editor, NAPCO Media

I’ve worked with Linda on a range of content projects, on behalf of PrecisionHawk, from small case studies to in-depth solution briefs. It’s hard to overstate the challenge of writing for this business, a mid-sized commercial drone technology company: To do so requires synthesizing issues of aerospace, robotics, artificial intelligence, and major industries into a legible narrative. Where many writers have failed, Linda has time-and-time-again delivered coherent and concise language. And she’s done it ahead-of-schedule and under budget. I owe her success, in part, to her extraordinary intellect and ability to ask smart questions. Anybody in need of a killer writer need look no further than Linda.

Jared Brickman
Campaigns and Content Marketing Manager, PrecisionHawk

Linda is an endless font of creative and smart ideas. I’ve worked with her at several titles, and I’ve always been impressed at how well she understands brand nuances and tone. She gets what works and doesn’t in story ideas and stories in a way that I, as an editor, truly appreciate. She’s a terrific reporter and a dream to work with on every practical level as well.

Sarah Smith
Executive Editor, Prevention

If you are looking for a writer who is dependable, diligent, and a go-getter, then Linda is the writer for you! When I give Linda a writing assignment for one my publications, I know I can turn her loose to research the topic, find and contact sources, and return an excellently written article—on time!

Pamela Brossman
Senior Editor, The YGS Group

One of my favorite programs we’ve created—don’t even care if we win! Well, maybe I do. Anyway, thanks Linda, because you made it real. Hope to work with you again.

Jennifer Pfahler
General Manager of Health, Edelman

Linda is one of the most professional writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s a whiz with copy, and will tweak, fine-tune and massage every phrase until a piece is exactly what an editor’s looking for, but that’s just the basics. She also understands the business of writing better than anyone I’ve ever met and should be nominated for sainthood for her work as a mentor. Whether you’re a seasoned editor looking for a fresh spin on a tired topic, or a freelancer in need of some career guidance, file Linda under “Go-to Gal.”

Leah McLaughlin
Fitness Magazine

I thought you’d like to see the opening paragraph of this e-mail I received. I’ve had other comments telling me what a terrific story you wrote. As I’ve told you, I agree wholeheartedly. You’re the first freelance writer I’ve hired in 20 years who wrote a story about the college that I was able to feel truly proud to have in the magazine.

David Morcom
Colby-Sawyer Alumni Magazine

I just want to say that Jay and I are both very impressed with the quality of your work—this is something we were discussing at our meeting today. Just want to tell you that I personally really appreciate all the thought, care and creativity you put into your pieces.

Rick Taylor
Editor, The Federal Credit Union Magazine

Linda’s pitch to me was well-constructed and the topic well-suited to the brand’s mission. Despite not knowing her previously, I couldn’t say no! The story she sent in was solid and delivered on time, and she made my (minimal) edit requests quickly. Linda is a writer I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Kim Shiffman
Editor-in-Chief, Today’s Parent

Unlike many writers, Linda immediately grasps what an editor needs, and responds with accurately and stylishly written prose. She does revisions quickly, thoroughly, and cheerfully. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Elaine Grant
Editor, Business.com

Thanks so much for your work on this. Really nice to have someone who can turn things around so fast.

Stephanie Tardy
Content Strategy Specialist, Campbell-Ewald (for Chevy)

I had the pleasure of working with Linda for over a year. She wrote features for me that were interesting, compelling and well-written. She was always on time, never once missing a deadline. I never had to worry when I gave Linda an assignment.

Jan Fiderio
Director of Marketing, Antioch University New England

This is SO GOOD. Fabulous job.

Colleen Paretty
Editorial Director, WebMD